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FireHive is an outdoor gathering space for local agriculture nonprofit Reroot Pontiac, providing a hearth to sit around for classes, events, and general relaxation. The structure will be built entirely out of reclaimed 2x4s from nearby construction sites and demolition warehouses. 

As it will be built by students and volunteers, the project was designed to achieve a maximum of formal complexity with a minimum construction difficulty, incorporating the instructions for building the project into the very design and structure. Using a parametric model in Grasshopper, we were able to optimize material efficiency and systemize the cutting and building process. The “Construction Documents” riff off of architectural documentation mixed with IKEA instruction styling to create a readable manual for this kind of hands-on, unskilled building.

Location . Pontiac, MI
Client . Reroot Pontiac
Design . CAMPO Collective
Fabrication . Client, with assistance from CAMPO Collective
Year . expected 2019

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2018-05-18 - FIR - Construction Drawings_Page_02.jpg
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