Doorigami 2.0 - Inside, Half Closed.jpg


Doorigami 2.0 transforms the door from a device for opening onto preexisting space to a mechanism for creating endlessly variable space.  Inspired by Doorigami 1.0, an interactive sculpture of metamorphosed salvaged cabinet doors, deconstructed and cut along the diagonal and rehinged.

To activate the doorigami, simply pull on one of the doorknobs.  Just as the hand remembers its part of the interaction—to pull the handle—the door remembers its role—to hinge.  In the doors’ new configuration, this causes a chain of reactions, each hinging causing another to respond or compensate.  A series of pulleys and counterweights to allow the user to interact with the otherwise unweildy system. The unrecognizable and dysfunctional arrangement calls into question the nature of a normative door as it delineates unlimited spatial conditions at the intersection of wall, canopy, and threshold. 

Location . Bloomfield Hills, MI
Design . Elise DeChard
Fabrication . Elise DeChard
Year . 2016

Doorigami 2.0 - Outside, Closed.jpg
Doorigami 2.0 - Inside, Open.jpg
Doorigami 2.0 - Inside, Half Closed 2.jpg